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Changing the password of your wireless router is very easy and you can do it in just a few minutes. However, the default password and username of your wireless router are given at the backside. But if you want to change the password of your device, you need to log into it. We have given the instructions below:

  • Pull up a web browser on your computer or laptop. Instructions are the same for both MAC and Window operating systems.
  • Enter the default address of your wifi router into the address field of the internet browser.
  • You will see the wireless router login page on your screen asking for login credentials i.e. username and password.
  • Enter login credentials i.e. username as admin and password as admin too. If you are not able to sign into the device, leave the password field blank.
  • Click Submit or hit Enter, and you will see the wireless router setup wizard on your screen.
  • If you are unable to see the wireless router setup page, it means you have not followed instructions properly.
  • Make sure you have entered the admin credentials appropriately. Password Password change – steps

Once you are into the wifi router system, look for the Maintenance section on the left side.

  • Click the option and you will be taken to the Maintenance window of your wifi router.
  • Look for the Password change option and click it.
  • Now enter the new password for the admin part of your device. 
  • Once you enter the new admin password, click Apply so that the new settings take place on your device.

Troubleshooting wireless router login failure

  • If you are unable to log into the wireless router, make sure the browser is updated in the first place.
  • Now attempt to get inside the wireless router using the default web address routerlogin.net (Netgear) or linksyssmartwifi.com (Linksys).
  • If you are unable to sign in through the default web address, you can also login through the IP address.
  • If the router does not let you get inside it, make sure you are entering the correct admin username and password.
  • If you can’t log into the device, feel free to contact us. We will help you get inside the router easily.

Wireless router Login

  • Once you connect your wireless router to your existing modem, you further need to go for the wireless router setup.
  • After your laptop or computer is connected to the wifi network, now launch any web browser.
  • Once you open the web browser, type the default web address into the address field. You can also enter the default IP address like or
  • Or you can also enter the default router login IP address in the address bar and press the enter button.
  • Now the web browser will take you to the wireless router login page, where you will see login fields to enter the username and password. 
  • In place of admin/username or password – use username and password, respectively.

If you are able to see the wireless router setup page on your screen, it means you have successfully signed into your wifi router. If you are unable to see the wireless router setup page on your screen, it means you have failed to get inside your device. Password Router Physical setup

This section of the post will walk you through the configuration process of the wifi router. The steps to the configuration process are as follows:

  • Take out your wifi router from the pack and place it in a suitable position.
  • Attach the wifi router to your existing modem.
  • Press the power button to turn on the wifi router.
  • Now attach the AC adapter in the port and plug it into the power socket.
  • Now connect the wifi router with the RJ45 Ethernet cable to your existing modem.
  • Wait while the LED on the wifi router gets stable. Router Configuration

Using the wifi router setup wizard, you will get connected to the wireless router to get better connectivity and network coverage. In this section, we will discuss the wifi router setup process and the use of the default login IP address. Follow these steps to learn about the configuration of the wifi router.

  • Once you install your wireless router get installed, you need to proceed with the Netgear wifi router setup.
  • After your PC or laptop is connected to the wireless router’s wifi network, launch any internet browser and access to the router Setup Wizard. 
  • Once the browser is launched, type the default web address into the address bar or setup utility address, i.e.,  
  • Now in place of admin username and password- use admin and password respectively.
  • After this, the first step will be of wireless router detecting the internet connection type. You can set it automatically or even manually.
  • The wireless router login IP is that will help you to connect to the admin process.
  • After the installation process starts, make sure you follow the on-screen instruction.
  • Now that you have completed the installation process, your wireless router will start rebooting.
  • After your wireless router setup is installed, it is ready to give you the best connectivity with the router setup.

So this was all about the login and password change. We hope you got to know about the wireless router configuration process. If you see any issue on your router while attempting to configure the device, feel free to contact us or chat with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

A - If you have forgotten the login credentials for your router login, try following combinations of the username and the password. In case, you are not able to access the router login, feel free to contact us or chat with us.

 admin, {Password Remain Blank}
 admin, admin
 admin, root
 root, {Password Remain Blank}
 root, root
 root, admin
A - Your router’s default login address may not work because of some possible issues. So what you can do is, you can try the following tips. If still, you face the issues while accessing the default 192.168 1.1 IP address, you can contact our team of professionals for the help. You have to ensure that your wireless router and computer devices are appropriately connected using the Ethernet cord. You need to ensure that your wireless router’s default private IP is 192.168 1.1.
A - Default IP addresses are used for the configuration and settings for internet devices like Routers. These IP addresses cannot access by any of the methods from the outside of the network. That means only, and only the devices that are connected within that network will be capable of opening the private IP address and making the advance changes.
A - Experts always suggest changing the password for the router login because it is a susceptible matter so you should change the router login password after every few months. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to change the password for your router.  First of all, open the web browser and fill the default private IP address that is 168.1.1 in the address bar. Press enter key.  Just fill the username and the password for the 168.1.1 login.  Search for the “Administrative” tab from the menu. Click on that button.  Here you have to enter the new password two times. Try to make the password more secure and protective.